New Music! My First Music Video!

At the risk of jeopardizing my current level of musical obscurity, I’d like to let you know I’ve released my first batch of new music in almost a decade. I’m pretty excited and pretty nervous about it.

I’m recording under the project name “Go to Sleep, John Darling,” and the new tunes are a bit of a departure for me. After a dozen years of staking out a patch of ground as a “sensitive male singer-songwriter” I found myself in a rut. I knew the way forward was to submit to my long held desire to do music with samples and loops, synths and drum machines. Over Christmas break I finally got up the nerve.

Before going on, here’s one of the tracks. It’s a spoken word piece called “The Question (Lift Every Voice and Sing).” I’m really proud of it.

Making that vid was so meaningful for me. My day job involves attending to church folk in Kansas and Missouri, which means Ferguson is within the bounds I’m responsible for. I’ve been there, met and prayed with people, and have been struggling to find words of my own about the effect white privilege has on our life together. I hope you find it meaningful as well.

This new direction was inspired by my recent immersion into “indietronica” music. Think LCD Soundsystem, Foster the People, Broods, Years & Years, Capital Cities, Morcheeba, and White Ladder-era David Gray.

I’ve got five tunes available for $4 on Bandcamp.


Or if your broke, and it’s between paying for tunes or buying some beer, don’t be stupid. Buy the beer. You can download them all for free on Soundcloud.


Thanks for listening! Thanks for sharing!

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