A word of thanks to everyone who paid their taxes without complaining about it.

I have been heart sick these last few years as I watch my beloved home state of Kansas getting decimated by horrendous government action. The good people of the Sunflower State have become a laughing stock.

Lady and I just paid our taxes. For the first time in our marriage, we did not get a refund. But I’m not even thinking about complaining about it.

Throughout our married life the willingness of others to pay their taxes has meant that, among other things, we were able to provide our children with healthy food thanks to the WIC food assistance program. When we were foolhardy college kids, we did not have to be saddled with a lifetime’s worth of medical debt when our first son was born. We have been able to enjoy story time at the public library with our boys, and send them to quality public schools.

I know a lot of people complain that taxes are too high, but I’m not going to be one of them. Lady and I did not build our lives all by ourselves. We had a lot of help from a long list of women and men whose names we’ll never know, and we were helped even when we didn’t have the financial/material ability to make “good choices.” I am proud to join that long list because I know where I came from.

So, to everyone who has ever paid their taxes, I want to offer my most profound thanks. Thank you for making my family’s life possible.

One thought on “A word of thanks to everyone who paid their taxes without complaining about it.

  1. When we come to a realization that we are indeed interconnected, and there is truly a common good we must strive to protect and promote, just perhaps we will get beyond the preschool attitude of “mine, mine, mine.”

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