I triple dog dare you.

painting-459861_960_720A friend recently posted a photo on Facebook of a piece of art. It was a square canvas painted red, subtly shifting between a few different hues. His comment accompanying was:

I look at art like this and think: I could be an artist.

He’s not the first to make the comment. Buckets of ink and acres of digital real estate have been devoted to the question of what Art truly is. Heck, there was an entire play written about it.

But could we really be artists?

Art often looks easier than it is. To the untrained eye, it’s just brush strokes and words and steps. You take a few pieces and parts, throw ’em together, and  – viola! – art. Child’s play. Literally.

But Art is crafty. It’s more than we think, and the reason we’re not artists (most of us) is because we got into it and discovered there’s more under the hood than we thought.

My friend isn’t alone. We’ve all claimed that we could do something better, if not at least as good. And, the thing is: We’re probably right. But we’re just chicken.

So consider this your triple dog dare. Go make something. Put it out in the world. Be bold enough and subtle enough and refined enough that someone else is convinced they could do it, too. Because, hopefully, they will.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

One time I decided that writing a book wasn’t that hard, and that I could do it, too. So I did.